Southern Football League Umpires Association  

 2015 Season

Umpires Pre Season Physical Performance Training

Pre-season training for Field and Boundary Umpires commences 6.00pm sharp, Thursday 5 February 2015, at Bricker Reserve Athletics Track, Rowans Road, Moorabbin. Melway 77 H7.

Training then continues each Tuesday and Thursday.

Please wear appropriate running gear / running footwear and bring your own water/recovery fluids and food.

Pre-season training for Goal Umpires commences 6.00pm sharp, Thursday 5 March 2015, and there after every Thursday.

For further information please contact:

Peter Mair, Director of Umpiring, on 0418 31 33 59

Toby Jedwab, Umpiring Administrator, on 9553 5644

2015 Committee Announced at the AGM

President – Alan Manning

Secretary – Rodd Johnson

Treasurer – John Borg

Committee members;  Kevin Mitchell, David Cormie, Kaye Johnson, Ross McNeill, Thomas Grundy, Tayla Manning